Education and the Nation's Future

Eric A. Hanushek
George P. Shultz
Published Date
Blueprint for America
Stanford, CA: Hoover Institution Press
pp. 89-108
The future of the United States is dependent on the skills of its population. A basic problem is that improving these skills, which depends on enhancing the quality of schools, takes a long and consistent policy regime. This has to come from leadership at the top. The states have primary responsibility for the schools, but the federal government can and should be an important actor in setting the agenda and ensuring that the agenda is accomplished. Blueprint for America George P Shultz (ed.) INTRODUCTION CHAPTER 1: The Domestic Landscape by Michael J. Boskin IN BRIEF: Spending by George P. Shultz CHAPTER 2: Entitlements and the Budget by John F. Cogan CHAPTER 3: A Blueprint for Tax Reform by Michael J. Boskin CHAPTER 4: Transformational Health Care Reform by Scott W. Atlas CHAPTER 5: Reforming Regulation by Michael J. Boskin CHAPTER 6: National and International Monetary Reform by John B. Taylor CHAPTER 7: A Blueprint for Effective Financial Reform by John H. Cochrane IN BRIEF: National Human Resources by George P. Shultz CHAPTER 8: Education and the Nation’s Future by Eric A. Hanushek CHAPTER 9: Trade and Immigration by John H. Cochrane IN BRIEF: A World Awash in Change CHAPTER 10: Restoring Our National Security by James O. Ellis Jr., James N. Mattis, and Kori Schake CHAPTER 11: Redefining Energy Security by James O. Ellis Jr. CHAPTER 12: Diplomacy in a Time of Transition by James E. Goodby CLOSING NOTE: The Art and Practice of Governance by George P. Shultz